How much corruption exists in the institutions of the European Union?

We don’t know but one sure thing we do know is that the amount of money to make even the most upright Political Representatives and Officials easily corruptible is appalling, when compared to the amount of cash that was found in the house of number 2 of the European Parliament, the Greek Eva Kaili and other actors involved.

A monstrous amount that would make even Scrooge McDuck an amateur when faced with Qatari money.

Of course, it then becomes plausible to think that other institutions such as “Fifa” could also be investigated by Interpol.

But the question that every European citizen asks himself, from Italy to Germany, from France to Poland, etc etc, is how many Quatargates exist within the European institution, which is losing face and credibility on the European financial markets.

Suffice it to say that there is a risk of blowing up the PNNR not because of the individual states, but because the almost 1,200 billion euros that Europe has asked for from the world finance market in the form of Bonds guaranteeing all the states could blow up.

The principle of no harm. The DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) principle in the PNRR is also transferable to the field of the European institutions, which in this case have revealed a failure and a loss of credibility of the United Europe.

Investors will trust more the guarantees of a European Institution showing signs of Evident Corruption.

Be careful because these 1,200 billion of the RFF may no longer exist.

We will see if the European institutions will be able to clean themselves up or if they are destined for the failure of Europe, for now, considering the level of corruption that has reached number 2 in Europe, it seems unlikely that it is capable of regenerating itself.

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