The Democratic administration of the United States has achieved significant success through a unified geopolitical maneuver, yielding various positive outcomes. The move has triggered an unavoidable response from Russia, while NATO’s expansion towards the East has been a strategically valuable move.

Furthermore, through this geopolitical maneuver, the United States has managed to neutralize the threat emanating from Eurasia and put an end to the significance of the Silk Road.

During the same historical period, by shifting NATO’s geopolitical focus towards the borders of Poland and Ukraine, the United States has significantly weakened Germany both economically and geopolitically. The cancellation of the Nord Stream project has also had a notable impact on their energy stability.

In this context, it is evident that the United States has achieved remarkable results, compelling political Europe to become subservient to the United States and weakening the concept of Europe as the third economic superpower after China.

In this scenario, Italy will be the primary beneficiary, now aligned with the United States following Britain. Particularly, Sicily regains a pivotal role as a “natural aircraft carrier” in the Mediterranean.

However, this also implies that the growth opportunities for the island will be limited, as the United States takes but does not provide financing as China would have with the Silk Road.

Simultaneously, the United States has revitalized NATO, investing millions of dollars in weapons and fueling the arms and liquefied gas industry.

The primary risk the United States faces is internal, concerning the upcoming 2024 presidential elections where the presence of Donald Trump poses a threat that needs to be neutralized at all costs.

For now, China does not pose a direct threat, as it holds a significant portion of U.S. debt and is not interested in losing this advantage.

With that said, many will wonder about the outcome of the conflict with Russia. The perspective is another year of attrition, followed by territory cession and Russia’s entry into NATO – a future that seems predestined, along with vigorous economic development for Poland.

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